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AFC's badge

The birth of the Australian Flying Corps
at Point Cook Flying School, Victoria.

World's oldest continuously 
operating Military airbase 
Central Flying School, Point Cook, formed in 1913.
Four trainee pilots began flying on 14 August 1914,
ten days after the start of World War 1. The School
then possessed five aircraft. Australian pilots flew
with the British Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval
Flying Corps. The Australian Flying Corps served in
Mesopotamia, Egypt and France. No. 1 Squadron left
Melbourne on 16 March 1916; No. 2 Squadron in
October 1916 and No. 4 Squadron in January 1917.
No. 3 Squadron was formed in Egypt in September
Military aviation training continues at Point Cook.

But now it's all under threat! <--Click for info (external site)

Cerberus rusting into oblivion, plans to sell Point Cook air base - our
proud military heritage being allowed to slip away. It is becoming a
national disgrace! Shame on the defence department, shame on the
federal government, shame on Wyndham Council, shame on all the
greedy dollar-worshippers and developers...

What next - a holiday resort at ANZAC Cove?

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4th Sqn's 1918  Xmas card Jack Whitelaw (photo)
Christmas greetings from 4th Squadron AFC, AIF. Sent
by Armourer Jack Whitelaw.
Card and photograph provided by Lee Power. The card
was sent to his grandmother by her half-brother (and
AFC armourer) Jack Whitelaw. It reads:
Dear Rose, This will just reach you about Christmas
time the war will be finished by then or very near to it
cannot write much as we are very busy just now
preparing some fun for Fritz so bye bye Ma Cher.
Your loving Jack.
AFC insignia (photo)  AFC shoulder insignia

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Born at Waranga, Frank McNamara served in the Senior Cadets, then the Brighton
Rifles. He became a second lieutenant in 1913. In 1915, he attended the third training
course at Point Cook. He flew his first sortie in December 1916 with No. 1 Squadron,
AFC, AIF. In March 1917, over Tel el Hesi (now part of Israel) a fellow airman was hit
by ground fire and had to land behind enemy lines. In a scene that could have been out
of Indiana Jones, enemy cavalry was approaching the downed plane. Frank McNamara,
himself wounded, landed and picked up Capt. D. Rutherford, only to overturn in a gully.
The pair went back to Rutherford's aircraft, restarted it, and McNamara took off as the
enemy cavalry reached them. Weak from loss of blood, he guided the plane back to
base. He was awarded the VC. In 1924, now a Squadron Leader, he was appointed
CO of 1 FTS, Point Cook. His was the only VC awarded to the AFC.


 The RED BARON is shot down over Australian Lines

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logo of RAAF Museum, Point Cook
You won't want to miss this! It's free, and it's fascinating!
And it's only a 20 minute drive from the centre of Melbourne
Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday, 10 am to 3 pm
Weekends and Public Holidays, 10 am to 5 pm
 Closed: Mondays, Good Friday and Christmas Day
(TIP)--Telephone to ensure Museum is open
Advise Defending Victoria if opening hours change.
Group and school visits: 'phone Public Affairs Officer (03) 9256 1236
(Tip: Your Group can also visit historic 1849 Point Cook Homestead nearby. Small fee)
 Information: 'phone 1902 240 553 (call charged at 35 cents a minute)

Address: RAAF Museum, RAAF Williams, Point Cook, Victoria 3027, Australia


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