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The Castlemaine Company of The Mt Alexander Battalion outside the old drill hall,
in Lyttleton St, Castlemaine, Victoria. Sgt Henry Cook on extreme right. 1860s.

 The photographs on this webpage kindly provided by Mr Tom Corfmat of VCIA Inc.

(Left) Sgt. Henry Cook, Castlemaine Company, Mt.
Alexander Battalion. (Right) an unknown soldier
believed to be a member of the Ballarat Rifles. Both
photos from the 1860s.


Riflefire magazine cover `Riflefire',
the magazine of the Victorian Colonial Infantry
Association Inc.
Castlemaine, Australia Day 1999: Mt Alexander Rifles saluting the
Flag. From left, Sgt Instructor of Musketry Geoff Gleadall, then a
new recruit, Capt Garry James, (in the background) and
Cpl of Pioneers Tom Corfmat..
Wedding photo
A wedding in period costume at Mitcham, Victoria, 12 July '98:
From left: Sarah, Margaret, Geoff and Katie Gleadall, Ewa and
Garry James, Jill and Lewis Scheuch-Evans (Lt, 95th Regiment
of Foot [Napoleonic period]), ring-bearer Lincoln James, and Cpl.
Tom Corfmat.
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