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Links or addresses for books, many with Victorian military history themes

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Books about Women in War available from the Australian War Memorial shop, Canberra

Books about the Zulu and Anglo-Boer Wars from a UK Specialist bookseller

Books about World War 1 available from the Australian War Memorial shop, Canberra

 (Books about Light Horse Regiments in green type)
Australian War Memorial Journals -- various back issues ( $3.50)
Against All Odds -- RAAF Pilots in the battle for Malta 1942 ( $23.90)
Armoured Antics -- Cartoon drawings by Capt. Viv Sharpe ( $5.50)
Equipment Profiles -- Bren gun carriers, M113A1 and Australian Armoured Cars ( $14.50)
Forward -- History of the 2nd/14th Light Horse -- Queensland Mounted Infantry ( $30.00)
Guide Book -- RAAC Museum guide book with descriptions and pictures of vehicles displayed ( $3.50)
Men of Beersheeba -- History of the 4th Light Horse ( $32.00)
History of the Royal New South Wales Lancers ( $19.50)
History of the 3rd Light Horse ( $19.50)
History of the Royal Australian Armoured Corps ( $22.00)
Hooves, Wheels and Tracks -- History of the 4th/19th Prince of Wales Light Horse ( $35.00)
Sanananda Interlude -- Story of the 7th Australian Division Cavalry Regiment ( $18.00)
Kubinka -- The Russian Museum of Armoured Vehicles ( $20.00)
Australian Brass -- The Career of LT-GEN Sir Horace Robertson ( $26.00)
Chauvel of the Light Horse -- Biog. of GEN Sir Harry Chauvel, GCMG, KCB ( $33.00)
Riders of Destiny -- History & Autobiog. of 4th Light Horse Field Ambulance 1917-1918 ( $26.00)
Purchases can be made by mastercard, bankcard and VISA (plus postage) from the Museum.
Tel: (03) 5735.7285 Fax: (03) 5793.1735

Slouch hat publications

BOLD STEADY FAITHFUL. The history of the 6th Battalion, the Royal Melbourne Regiment, 1854-1993.Hard cover, many photos,some medal rolls.322pp, hard cover, RRP $39.95. ( The fascinating story of one of Australia's oldest Citizen army unit sraised in 1854 as a result of the Russian scare and the troubles at Eureka.)

COBBERS IN KHAKI. The history of the 8th Battalion, 1914-1919.Hard cover, many photos, maps, nominal and medal rolls.313pp, RRP $45.00 (An original Anzac landing battalion,orignally recruited from Ballarat and Geelong,saw service in Gallipoli, France and Belgium. 3 soldiers awarded the Victoria Cross)

Cover of `My Corps Cavalry' A new history of the 13th Light Horse
  Zulu and Boer War encyclopaedia
Ron Austin's Australian Illustrated
Encyclopedia of the Zulu and Boer
Wars. 328 pp: 650 entries: 200 maps and
photos. $A 49.95.

BLACK AND GOLD. The history of the 29th Battalion, 1915-1918. Hard cover, many photos, maps, nominal and medal rolls.231pp,RRP $45.00 (A Victorian country unit which saw action in France and Belgium)

AS ROUGH AS BAGS. The history of the 6th Battalion, 1914-1919. Hard cover, many photos, maps, nominal and medal rolls.394pp, RRP $45.000.(A victorian unit originally raised in Melbourne, participated in the landing at Anzac and saw service in France and Belgium. Its most famous leader was Gordon Bennett.One soldier was awarded the Victoria Cross.)

THE WHITE GURKHAS. The 2nd Infantry Brigade at the Second Battle of Krithia, Gallipoli.(A relatively unknown battle, in which the Victorian 2nd Brigade, sailed south to Cape Helles, to fight alongside the British and the French in May 1915.) Hard cover, photos and maps.156pp, RRP $20.00

All books are obtainable from Slouch Hat Publications, PO Box 174, Rosebud 3939, Australia. Personal sales within Australia are post free. Phone 61 + 03 59 866437, Fax 61 + 03 59 866312, email


Cover of Victoria's Guns  Major Bill Billett's authoritative field guide
to Victoria's Guns: Scienceworks: Melbourne: 1994. The book is available
from Scienceworks, the Museum of Victoria's bookshop, Information
Victoria and Napoleon's Bookshop in Melbourne.
Also by Maj. Bill Billett:
War Trophies of the First World War 1914-18, Kangaroo Press, 1999.
Also available from Napoleon's and Dymocks.


eureka flag logo

The Eureka Stockade

Ian MacFarlane's book Eureka: from the Official Records: The Story of the Ballarat Riots of 1854, and the Eureka Stockade, from the Official Documents in the Public Record Office of Victoria, now in its third printing, can still be purchased from Public Record Office Victoria, PO Box 2100, North Melbourne, Victoria 3051, Australia for $A 16.95 + $A 5 for postage and handling.(220 pp., A4 format, illust., index).

 E U R E K A
Published by Ballarat Heritage Services, 'Eureka Reminiscences' is a collection of
reminiscences by participants and eyewitnesses to the uprising. These were published
in Victorian newspapers up to 1904, the 50th anniversary of the Eureka Stockade.
Notwithstanding the benefit of hindsight, this is an important small volume (84 pp:
illust. & index) which only further proves that there is much yet to be discovered and
rediscovered about the Eureka Uprising. The book is well edited and cleanly
presented. The eyewitness accounts include those of Raffaello Carboni, James McGill
and Michael Tuohy. But the memories of lesser participants are every bit as
illuminating and fascinating.
The book costs $A 10 (plus $ 2 postage & handling) from Ballarat Heritage Services,
PO box 2209, Ballarat Mail Centre 3354.



A rich new source with 1300 names of those known to have been associated with the 1854 Rebellion. Those named often have a detailed entry. 106 pp. Illusts. $A 20+$5 (post and packing). From Ballarat Heritage Services, PO box 2209, Ballarat Mail Centre 3354. Email: Fax: 61+3+5331.6150. ASK for catalogue too!

Anglo-Boer War research guide

Cover of The Boer War research guide

Craig Wilcox's excellent guide
to the records of National Archives
of Australia relating to the Anglo-Boer
War. 94pp: Illustrated: $10 + $3.50 postage.
Publications Sales
National Archives of Australia
PO box 7425
Canberra Mail Centre
ACT 2601
Email address:


Photo of book cover  Florence Breed's 1999 history.

Author Florence Breed's two earlier WW1 books are out of print. This limited edition is
quickly heading that way too. She says:
It was just a labour of love for me as my own grandfather served in that war with the
Royal Marine Light Infantry (Plymouth Division). Also, a cousin of my grandmother
enlisted here in Donald.
Price: soft cover with plastic protector and spiral binder $20 + $4 postage; or hard cover,
especially done by local bookbinder, $35 + $5 postage. Obtainable from F. Breed, P.O.
Box 135, DONALD, 3480, Victoria. Ph: (03) 54 971 069. Cheques payable to the
Donald Historical Society.

Cover of new book   PUBLISHED September 2005


This slim volume retells the virtually unknown story of the first Australian unit officially sent to a foreign war.

Her Majesty's Colonial Steam Sloop Victoria was sent in 1860 to the First Taranaki War in New Zealand. She landed a naval brigade for service ashore. These first Peacekeepers helped garrison New Plymouth, and took part in several of the notable later battles of the war. These included engagements at Huirangi, Kairau and Matarikoriko.

The ship, by rendering assistance at the land attack on three hostile pa near the mouth of the Kaihihi River, became the first Australian naval vessel to enter an operational battle area.

The 64-page A4 format printed booklet is well illustrated with photographs, maps and plans. It also contains a chronology, bibliography and index.

A joint project between webmaster of the 'Defending Victoria' website Ian MacFarlane and Lt-Col Neil Smith, the booklet is available from Mostly Unsung Military History Research and Publications, Box 7020 Gardenvale, LPO Brighton, Victoria 3186, Australia. Phone and fax (613) 9555.5401. RRP in bookstores A$ 22 - or A$ 25 including postage and handling within Australia. Visit the Mostly Unsung website for further details and email address.




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 Cox, Lindsay C.: The Galloping Guns of Rupertswood & Werribee Park, A History of the Victorian Horse
Coonans Hill Press: Melbourne: 1986. A marvellously detailed reference about these historic half-batteries. First edition, fine
dust jacket,  large format. 8vo. 199 pp., col. & b/w plates., drwgs., appends., bibliog., index. An excellent, as new, copy of the first
edition. $ AUD 85 includes postage and packing. (One copy only).

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 Oxford Companion to Australian Military History: Oxford University Press Australia: 1999 ed. Authors: Dennis,
Peter; Grey, Jeffrey; Morris, Ewan; Prior, Robin; Connor, John; Dennis, Peter. A modern, general reference with 692 pages and  800
entries. Complete with 100 photographs and 32 maps, the result is a comprehensive work of reference, analysis and interest. In
excellent, very lightly used condition. $ AUD 90 including postage and packing (one copy only).

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 Hartink, A. E.: The Complete Encyclopedia of Antique Firearms: Rebo International: The Netherlands: 2001.
Splendidly illustrated with a profusion of colour plates, plus diagrams and some engravings. Produced with English text, the 240 pp
volume is far from being complete or even encyclopedic. However, newcomers to this subject will quickly learn how these firearms
worked and what influenced their development. Chapters describe national development - chapter 6, for example is titled 'British
firearms from 1730 to 1900', and so on. In perfect condition. $ AUD 25 including postage and packing (one copy only).


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 The Imperial Japanese Navy - by Watts, Anthony John, and Gordon, Brian G.: MacDonald & Co:
London: 1971.  Many pre-war vessels are included, and the volume even extends to minor vessels like motor torpedo boats. First edition, 529 pages, includes numerous photographs, illustrations, diagrams, waterline plans, hardcover. Good condition overall, although it is obvious this volume has been heavily and frequently used. That, in itself, is a telling clue about its usefulness. It is an indispensible reference with clear 
English text. There has been very slight water damage in the first 25 pages, but this has been confined to at most a couple of centimetres
at the outer top edges of the pages. Only mild crinkling has resulted and no discolouration. $ AUD 90 including postage and packing (one
copy only).

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 Fukui, Shizuo: Pictorial: Fighting Ships of The Imperial Japanese Navy (Shashin Shû Nihon
no Gunkan): Bestsellers Publishing Co.: Japan: no ISBN: 1969. Remarkably clear photographs of the Japanese Navy's magnificent
capital and minor ships. Text is in Japanese, but this is more than made up by the quality of the photographs (although a few have
obviously been taken from movie footage, and are of lesser quality). Valuably, there is a ship index in English. Only one other copy
of this book could be located on the internet using English keywords (late August 2008). Even then, that copy did not have a
slipcase that obviously has protected this volume which is in pristine condition. Hardbound in a quality cover, 328 pp, slipcase
slightly scuffed on its corners but sound otherwise. The spine, where it emerges from the slipcase, is very slightly worn.
$ AUD 320 including postage and packing, postal insurance and recorded delivery (one copy only). 


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 The Aerial Sea Battles in the Pacific War (part 2): The Koku Fan: New Year's Special Number, 1967.
This paperback is so rare it has not shown up in english queries of the internet. The text is in Japanese, but many other books like
this are detectable on the internet. Of predominant interest, in addition to many photographs of the aerial sea battles, are numerous 
photographs of the few remaining capital ships at war's end. Many of the ships are extensively damaged. Such photos are rarely
presented in Japanese volumes, and therefore in more modern English language works.

117 pp, profusely illustrated but with pp 79 - 117 devoted to articles in Japanese. The book is sound overall, but there is damage to
the spine and what appears to be a coffee stain on the cover which has permeated lightly through to the frontispiece but no further.
$ AUD 140 including postage and packing (one copy only).

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 The Japanese Warships of of the Pacific War: The Koku Fan: 1972.
Text in Japanese, but the volume contains many valuable photographs few of which appear in later English language books on this subject.
Paperback with cover slightly scuffed. A previous owner has written the names of many of the ships in English in a red ink below the relevant photographs, which has not indented the paper. It may well be possible to remove these annotations for a fastidious collector of antique collectibles. However, a new owner more interested in the photos could even find the annotations helpful. Otherwise, the book is generally
sound with 166 pp. $ AUD 120 including postage and packing (one copy only). 

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 Check prices for second-hand copies of this extremely rare 1975 book on the internet. Then come back here for this affordable copy in 'as new' condition. Book describes, among many other things, the first TV network news showings in the world of the Zapruder and Nix films of the assassination, and the frontpage newspaper coverage that resulted in Australia. Contains 1975 anthology including entries by later research guru Martin Shackelford and now prominent Australian artist David Milne, and resources directory. Soft cover: 'perfect' bound: 160 pp: illusts: diags: index.

$AUD 60 - includes postage & packing, (airmail postage where necessary).
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 Very rare - The Ratten Case: Has Justice Been Done? by Ian MacFarlane. Foreword by Don Chipp MHR. Cover design by now prominent Australian artist David Milne. A 1976 reprint of articles previously published in the Nation Review, Sunday Press and Sunday Observer dealing with the 1970 conviction for murder of Leith Ratten. Softbound: saddle-stitched: 25 pp.: illusts: in excellent condition.

$AUD 30 - includes airmail postage (when necessary), postage & packing. 


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