In coming weeks this page will review the various archival sources that deal with the defence of Victoria. Australian Archives, Victorian Regional Office, has finding aids which outline available records (mostly after 1883) of the Victorian Defence Department. Public Record Office Victoria has records of relevance, some of which date from permanent European settlement in 1836. The initial British garrison, for example, consisted of small detachments from Sydney of the 4th, 28th, 50th and 80th Regiments. Officers of HMS Rattlesnake provided an accurate line of latitude from which a linear grid survey could be developed, which enabled orderly European settlement to commence.


Sources that include lists of names of those who served with various Victorian units will be gradually added here:

    Ackerley, Ada: Boxer Rebellion Naval Volunteers: Melbourne: 1990 (based on list made by CPO Goding at the Naval Depot, Williamstown, c. June 1900).

    Barton, Leonard L.: Australians in the Waikato War 1863-1864: Library of Australian History: Sydney: 1979.

    Montague, R. H.: How To Trace Your Military Ancestors in Australia and New Zealand: Hale & Iremonger:: Sydney: 1989.

    Murray, Lt-Col P. L. : Official Records of the Australian Military Contingents to the War in South Africa: Govt. Printer: Melbourne: 1911.

    Price John E.: They Proved To All The Earth: A source book of Victoria's Dead in the South African War 1899-1902: The Author:: n.d, c. 1981.
    Williams, R. D.: The Victoria Volunteer Long And Efficient Service Medal 1881-1901: Hawthorn Press: Melbourne: 1976.

    Lists of killed and wounded at the Eureka Stockade, and list of those arrested and brought to court in Eureka from the Official Records: Public Record Office Victoria: 1994, 1997. Lists of seamen on HMCSS Victoria at various times included in Ian MacFarlane's unpublished manuscript history.


    Billett, Maj. Bill: Victoria's Guns: Scienceworks, Museum of Victoria: 1994.

    Box, Allan: Victoria's Diggers: A history of each Victorian military unit which has served overseas from 1860 to 1945: the Author: Leongatha: 1995, 1997.

    Farwell, Byron: For Queen and Country: A social history of the [British] Victorian and Edwardian Army:: Allen Lane (Penguin Books): London: 1981.

    Festberg, Alfred N. and Barry J. Videon: Uniforms of the Australian Colonies: Hill of Content, Melbourne: 1971.

    Nicholls, Bob: The Colonial Volunteers: The defence forces of the Australian colonies 1836-1901: Allen & Unwin: Sydney: 1988.

    Smith, Ian K. Records of War: A guide to military history sources at the Australian War Memorial: AWM: Canberra: 1996.

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