First outline of the model's structure The first stage of the model. March 2000
      April 2000
The hull takes shape.
  April 2000
Mid-June 2000 
Photo of Roger Marsh   Roger Marsh photo
Roger Marsh working on his fine model of Cerberus in mid-June.
Close-up photo     He uses pins to hold glued parts together.   
Deck in place
The deck of the Cerberus in place.
Super-structure begun           Citadel completed          clamps hold the gun turrets
Super-structure begins (left). Citadel complete: turrets to
come (centre). (Right) Turrets clamped in place.
Hull undercoated
Gun apertures cut, and hull undercoated.
View aft.
View of gun apertures, and deck
scribing done.
November 2000  November 2000
Beginning superstructure work, funnel and conning tower.                   
Companion ways.
Companion ways in place.
Flying Deck.
Flying deck completed, but no fittings added. 
Bollards, capstans and skylights.
Fitting out; bollards, capstans, and skylights.
Charthouse, ship's wheels and ventilation.
Charthouse, ships wheels and more ventilation cowls added.
Model and modeller.
Roger Marsh's model nears completion.
An aerial view from the stern.
  Bridge of Cerberus
The completed model. The backdrop area has been modified slightly.(Right) Detail of the bridge and funnel.


I'm 29, married, with a daughter. By profession I am a Pastor in a Presbyterian denomination. My main modelling interest is in railways, however since my father was in the Navy, I have a strong interest in ships as well. My father's last posting in the Navy was to HMAS Cerberus as a parade ground bull. He told me about the monitor, and the fact that it is a breakwater.

When I decided some time ago to plan a model of an early Australian warship, Cerberus was my first choice because it was pre-1900 in manufacture. I'm fascinated by warship development in the second half of the 19th century. Strangely when I searched for information at the University of Queensland library, I managed to find something, which provided all the main dimensions and some small drawings which gave the general proportions.

I believe HMVS Cerberus represents a crucial shift in warship development, and I desire to see this unique vessel preserved. Making a model is one way I can contribute to this (often seeing the thing in a model form can spark peoples imagination), because of my geographical distance and lack of time and funds for other means.


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