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 Valuable 2005 NZ WAR BOOK 


tells the story of the first Australian unit
officially sent to a foreign war. The War
Steamer Victoria was dispatched to the
First Taranaki War in 1860-1861. A naval
brigade was landed for service ashore.

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Your colorful site is a great departure from the bland corporate
horrors infesting the world wide web. It inspired us in creating
our Paardeberg Page at which we
hope to expand into a Canadian view of the Boer War.

I have just been reading the DEFENDING VICTORIA website,
which has restored my faith in the utility of the Internet - thank
you very much!

[A Turkish visitor wrote]: I call you as dear friends because of
your sensational web page [about Gallipoli] that makes me feel
your friend really. I work in a factory as Plant & Maint. Manager
in Istanbul. My grandfather and my wife's grandfather had fought
at WW1.

[A French Visitor wrote]: Nice site. Amicalement, Clément. North
of France (SOUCHEZ).
Photo of Shrine
Photo by Michael Cannon
Melbourne's magnificent Shrine of Remembrance
honours fallen WW1 diggers.

Cerberus April 2002

Allan Trinca took this photo in late April 2002. He has helped
chronicle the famous ship's decline on this site for over four years.
He laments today: "She's a sad sight - just gradually slipping away
from us". For more than thirty five years, concerned Australians
like Prime Minister Bob Menzies and others (like Prince Phillip)
have strived to save the historic vessel. Unable to capture pop-
ular imagination, thousands of hours of lobbying and effort have
produced almost no results. The unthinkable--the collapse of the
ship--is imminent. This wonderful symbol--in the 1870's the most
powerful deterrent to invaders and raiders in the Southern Hemis-
phere--and flagship of the Victorian Navy--is now rusting scrap.

Cerberus in 2006
Allan Trinca's photo of Cerberus in 2006
Click here to visit the Cerberus webpage.
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 Tamworth ALH Memorial 
Corrections made to Rangers page
 Nile steamers being restored
Rare 2nd hand books added to Bookshop
 Photos of 2nd Light Horse Field Ambulance
Photo of 5VMR hat badge (Boer War)
Photos of Boxer Rebellion souvenirs
Rare medal not 'lost'!
Portrait of Rangers' Commandant W. B. Smith
Exciting new photos of HMAT Boorara
An Undeserved VC - or was it?
Media in 2006 neglects Save Cerberus Day.
Photo of S. Egan, KIA at Pozieres
Photo of Charles Hedley, 5 VMR
BOOK REVIEW - The Victorian Naval Brigades
NEW BOOK - Australia's first war, 1860
Photo of CSS Shenandoah at Williamstown
Photo of C. Williamson, 8 ALHR
Loco similar to those that served in France (Photo)
Colour photos of 1900 Naval Brigade uniforms
Boxer Rebellion book review
The Premier and Cerberus's fate
Photo of Tpr. Sam Oliver, KIA 1900
Aboriginal trackers in the 1840s
Info/photo of Pte. Hugh Bottle KIA France 1916
Read the Cerberus media coverage
Roger Marsh's Cerberus nears completion
Dutch Salvage Co.'s plan for Cerberus
Book review 'We Were the 46th'
New DVA News releases
Richmond Rifle Club (early 1900s) -- Photo
List of gun crew -- first shot WW1
Volunteer Geelong Artilleryman c.1870--Photo
13 ALHR Lighthorseman -- Photo
Restored Chilean monitor Huascar--Photos
AFC page updated with WW1 Xmas Card
Another 5 VMR memorial featured here
Gallipoli and Pozieres pages updated
Aboriginal War Memorial to be rededicated
99th Regt Col.Sgt T. Farr's prayer book
Cerberus--International concern grows
Victorian Simpson Prize winner
heads for Gallipoli
HMCSS Victoria webpage updated
New Boer War book published
Photos of the amazing 5VMR monument
NEW photo: Laurie Marshall, 4th Contingent VMR
 DVA media release re: ANZAC
This site wins important website of the
Month award (check frontpage and find out more).
Gallipoli page updated
Victorian Navy Monument
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