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This webpage aims to provide you with leads and information that will assist in familty history and research into Victoria's military history and traditions. Obviously, the information here mainly relates to Victorians and their part in the 1st Taranaki War (NZ), the Waikato War (NZ), the Anglo-Boer War and World War 1. Links to other websites, however, may prove useful to general researchers. A select bibliography is also provided.


A recent visitor asked for information about a forbear who served in the British 80th Regiment:

I think your best source is the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP) which has microfilmed most records in Britain dealing with Australia. This includes regimental records (which of course returned to Britain with the regiments when they left Australia). AJCP is available in the State Library of Victoria, the National Library (and other State Libraries).

The other course is to contact the Public Record Office in London where most original regimental records are.

Hope this has helped. Good luck with your research.


Farwell, Byron: For Queen and Country: A social history of the [British] Victorian and Edwardian Army:: Allen Lane (Penguin Books): London: 1981.

Montague, R. H.: How To Trace Your Military Ancestors in Australia and New Zealand: Hale & Iremonger:: Sydney: 1989.

Montague, R. H.: Dress & Insignia of the British Army in Australia & New Zealand: 1770-1870: Library of Australian History: Sydney: 1981.


  Check the webpage on this website with a list of members of the Victoria's Naval Brigade.

  Read part of R. D. Williams' account of the Battle of Matarikoriko involving Victoria's Naval Brigade.


  Check the webpage on this website with some details about the war.


Barton, Leonard L.: Australians in the Waikato War 1863-1864: Library of Australian History: Sydney: 1979.

Montague, R. H.: How To Trace Your Military Ancestors in Australia and New Zealand: Hale & Iremonger:: Sydney: 1989.

War and New Zealand
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Archival records about Victoria's Colonial volunteer and permanent military and naval forces exist in Public Record Office Victoria and National Archives of Australia (Victorian regional office)--but in different streams of records. Victoria's Defence Department (1883) records went to the Commonwealth after Federation, and are thus with NAA. Records prior to 1883, and administrative and policy records afterwards, are with Public Record Office Victoria (often in Treasury Department records after the late 1850s). Victoria's Treasurer was for a time the Minister resposible for the Colony's naval and military forces (until 1883).

You can access National Archives of Australia's general website by clicking here, but you will probably need to access the agency's databases ANGAM and RINSE for detailed information.


Festberg, Alfred N. and Barry J. Videon: Uniforms of the Australian Colonies: Hill of Content, Melbourne: 1971.

Nicholls, Bob: The Colonial Volunteers: The defence forces of the Australian colonies 1836-1901: Allen & Unwin: Sydney: 1988.

Ward, G. E.: Victorian Land Forces: 1853-1883: The author: Croydon, Victoria: 1989.

Williams, R. D.: The Victoria Volunteer Long And Efficient Service Medal 1881-1901: Hawthorn Press: Melbourne: 1976.

IN SOUTH AFRICA, 1899-1902

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The Australian War Memorial's Boer War Nominal Roll of Official Contingents <---- CLICK HERE.

National Archives of Australia holds most of the service records for members of the Official Contingents.
You can access the NAA website by clicking here (external website).

 BOOKS (Select List):

Bassett, Jan: Guns and Brooches: Australian Army Nursing from the Boer War to the Gulf War: Oxford University Press Australia: 1992, 1997.

Chamberlain, Max: The Australians in the South African War 1899-1902: A Map History: Army History Unit: Canberra: 2000. More meticulous research by a distinguished Australian expert. The book traces the campaign routes of the fifty or so official Australian contingents. Plus general overview of the war. A must for proud descendants and family historians. $ A 25 from Army History Unit, CP1-2-02, Department of Defence, Canberra, ACT 2600 Australia. Tel: 61+2+6266.2023.

Gray, Sheila: The South African War 1899-1902: Service Records of British and Colonial Women: A record of the service in South Africa of Military and Civilian Nurses, Laywomen and Civilians: The Author: 1993: Information about this valuable publication available from 54a Towai Street, Auckland 5, New Zealand.

Murray, Lt-Col P. L. : Official Records of the Australian Military Contingents to the War in South Africa: Govt. Printer: Melbourne: 1911. Available in State Libraries and larger regional libraries.

Price John E.: They Proved To All The Earth: A source book of Victoria's Dead in the South African War 1899-1902: The Author:: n.d, c. 1981.

Smith, Ian K. Records of War: A guide to military history sources at the Australian War Memorial: AWM: Canberra: 1996.

Boer War books
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Ackerly, Ada: Boxer Rebellion Naval Volunteers:List made by CPO Goding at the Vaval Depot, illiamstown:The author: 1990. Information about this publication available from DOCUSEARCH, PO box 106, Newport, Victoria 3015, Australia.

Nicholls, Bob: Bluejackets and Boxers, Australia'a Naval Expedition to the Boxer Uprising. Allen & Unwin Sydney, 1986 (ISBN 0 86861 799 7).


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You can check the Australian War Memorial's WW1 Nominal Roll by clicking here (EXTERNAL SITE).

Note: Service records for Australia's WW1 diggers are available from National Archives of Australia, which can provide photocopies at a reasonable cost (currently $A 15). In Australia contact NAA in your closest State Capital or click here to access National Archives of Australia's website.


Box, Allan: Victoria's Diggers: A history of each Victorian military unit which has served overseas from 1860 to 1945: the Author: Leongatha: 1995, 1997.

Smith, Ian K. Records of War: A guide to military history sources at the Australian War Memorial: AWM: Canberra: 1996.

Books about the Western Front


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The Australian War Memorial's Roll of Honour database listing more than 100,000 war dead.
CLICK HERE (External website).

Dennis, Peter (& others): The Oxford Companion to Australian Military History: Oxford University Press: Melbourne: 1995.
Dornbusch, C. E.: Australian Military Bibliography: Hope Farm Press: Cornwallville: New York: 1963.
Fielding, Jean Phyllis: A Select Bibliography of Australian Military History: 1891-1919: Australian National University: Canberra: 1978.
Monie, Joanna: Victorian History and Politics: European settlement to 1939: 2 Vols: The Borchardt Library: La Trobe University: Bundoora, Victoria, 1982.

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