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 Departed Melbourne: SS Euryalus 13 January 1900.

Raised predominantly on the Mounted Rifle Regiment,
formed by Lt-Col Tom Price in 1885, and Victorian Rangers,
militia including the battalions of the Infantry Brigade and some
from the Royal Australian Artillery.
Colonel Price was initially made CO of the Hanover Road
Field Force, including one battalion of Lancashire Militia,
two companies of Prince Albert's Guards and Tasmanians.
Price was the only Australian Colonial Officer placed in
command of British units during the Boer War.
Principal engagements: Colesberg, Karee Siding, Vet River,
Zand River, Johannesberg, Pretoria, Diamond Hill and Belfast.
A large number of this unit were invalided back to Victoria,
having experienced starvation and extreme exhaustion
on some treks.


Born: 7 April 1878.

At the outbreak of the Boer War in South Africa, James Peter Fox was already serving in the Victorian militia as a Corporal (No. 104) in the 5th Battalion, Infantry Brigade. During the Boer War, he served:

  • No. 326 Cpl The Second Victoria (Mounted Rifle) Contingent, and
  • No. 454 Cpl The Second Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse..

    Died: 13 January 1907 (of complications caused by enteric fever--typhoid--contracted during the Boer War.

    Corporal James Peter Fox served
    with the 2nd Contingent and later
    in the 2nd Battalion Australian
    Commonwealth Horse. Before
    the war, he had served in the 5th
    Battalion Infantry Brigade. Photo
    provided by his proud great-
    nephew David Fox.
     J.P. Fox's Queen's South AFrica Medal
    with clasps for Transvaal, Orange Free State and Cape Colony.
    [Photograph kindly provided by David Fox].
    Queen Victoria's christmas gift
    Treasured by the troops was Queen Victoria's Christmas gift of
    chocolate which came in this handsome tin. In the hand-writing of
    the Queen were the words: I wish you a happy New Year. Forty
    thousand such tins were designed by J. S. Fry & Sons, Bristol.
    Later tins were made by Cadbury, and Rowntree. Some soldiers
    even kept the chocolates as a memento. This tin belonged to Cpl.
    J. P. Fox. [Photography by David Fox].
    Photo of cover of the Reay book.
    "Australians in War" by Major W.T.
    REAY was a gift to all Victorian
    soldiers, returned from the Boer
    War, from the Herald and Weekly
    Times. Photo provided by David Fox.

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