This site (begun in 1997) aims to rekindle pride in the mostly forgotten early military history and traditions of colonial and post-colonial Victoria to 1919. And what a story it is, complete with Victoria Cross- winning heroes, selfless and courageous nurses, glorious victories and crushing defeats on foreign battlefields, and generations of dedicated  volunteers here who practised endlessly for foreign invaders who never came.
Presentation is deliberately sparse, uncluttered and in large type so that veterans--and You--can easily read it.
Originally the site was designed to gather and collect information and photographs to compensate for the sparse records of the Victorian volunteers who enlisted to defend their new homeland.  DEFENDING VICTORIA tells their story. But as the site has developed, the internet itself has demonstrated that it is the best, most ideal exhibition platform in the world today, available (to all) at any time.
There is a reading room and research centre here with no no entry fee, no opening or closing hours, no attendants to hurry you along, and visitors from more than one hundred countries have lingered here for a good look.
The new photos and information that proud descendants and visitors have donated to this site have brought fresh insights and dimensions to a fascinating subject that in one way or another has touched the lives of nearly every Victorian family.

The objective of the Defending Victoria website was to design a Website that would be a source of tremendous pride to Victorians and Australians.

There are obvious sources of information (like the Australian War Memorial) -- but photos, diaries and information from private individuals and smaller organisations (like Historical Societies) can provide vital details unobtainable elsewhere.

The website also seeks to inform and entertain by providing information about some of the leads that have emerged.

Your assistance in this venture is essential if new information is to be found and brought to a wider audience.

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