Artifacts date to Solomon's time

RON Wyatt did not reveal publicly all the information he had gathered, but a few details are now emerging.

Within the chamber was all the main furniture from Solomon's Temple, the most significant being the Ark of the Covenant, containing the stone tablets upon which were written the 10 Commandments.

The following statement is made about the ivory pomegranate (right) alongside its display in the Israel Museum Jerusalem.

"The pomegranate displayed here is a sensational discovery, of great significance to the history and archaeology of ancient Israel. It bears an incised inscription in the ancient Hebrew script: 'Sacred donation for the priests of (in) the House of Yahweh' "...our pomegranate is the only known surviving object from the First Temple, built by King Solomon in Jerusalem."

Also in the chamber Ron found:

The Table of Shewbread
The 7-Branch Candlestick
The Golden Altar of Incense
The Golden Censer

And there were other miscellaneous items dating to pre-Babylonian times:

A very large sword (1.57m)
Numerous oil lamps
A brass shekel weight
A brass ring
An ephod
An ivory pomegranate

On a subsequent trip, Ron removed the pomegranate from the chamber, and it is now displayed in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. The inscription on it has been dated to the first temple period. Museum visitors are informed that this pomegranate is from King Solomon's temple.

Ron Wyatt also searched for and successfully unearthed the original tunnel entrance through which the Ark was secreted from Jerusalem. Beneath Jerusalem is an ancient underground quarry known as Zedekiah's cave. Back in 1854 when the quarry was rediscovered, a carving of a cherub was found, dating to the period of the Babylonian invasion.

Quite possibly this carving is the origin of the Jewish tradition, recorded in Maccabees, stating that some
of the men involved with hiding the Temple items marked the route. Near the location of this carving in 1989 Ron Wyatt found the tunnel through which the Ark had been secreted out of Jerusalem.

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