Bible Verses / Actual Findings

Genesis 8:4 -The Ark landed in the mountains of Ararat

- The Ark was discovered near the top of a mountain range in the Ararat (anciently called "Urartu") region

Genesis 6:15 - The Ark's length is recorded as being 300 cubits

Exactly 300 cubits - The cubit in use when Moses wrote Genesis was 20.6 inches, and the length of the Ark's remains measure at precisely 300 "20.6" cubits
*Note Moses was raised as royalty in Egypt, therefore the Royal Egyptian cubit would be his form of expressing measurment.

Genesis 7:13 - Eight people entered the Ark and survived the flood

Many nearby place names reflect the flood story - e.g. a nearby valley is named "The Region of Eight", and contains a village called "The Place of Eight"

Genesis 7:8-9 -The Ark carried all manner of animals

Animal evidence - Coprolites (fossilized droppings), animal hairs, a portion of an antler, etc., have been found inside and immediately around the Ark site

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