Bible Verses/Actual Findings

Jude 7 - The destruction of these cities was to be an "example" to all

Still visible today - Most of the sites are easily accessible and can be visited today, in order to confirm the details given in the Bible

2 Peter 2:6 - The entire cities themselves were turned totally into ash

Everything turned to Ash - This is not merely a normal "burning", for in this case even the very stone buildings themselves have been reduced to ashes

Genesis 19:25 - Every living thing in the entire plain was consumed

A once fertile region now desolate - The entire Dead Sea valley is a bleak "lunarscape", although tree stumps in the dead sea testify it was once fertile

Deut 29:23 - A certain amount of sulfur was to remain as a witness

Brimstone Balls - Some remain today as unique witnesses of the destructive element God used. They are easily found in abundance within the ash


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