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Revealing GOD'S Treasure DVD.

"We are pleased to present
the result of our exploration into
GOD's revelations to Ron Wyatt.
The team hope that you will find
our package useful in proclaiming
the soon return of our beloved
Thankyou very much for your time and effort on the video.
I would like to say that my family and friends really enjoyed
watching it. It is a truly great video you have produced.
Thankyou and Praise The LORD!
(T. Silverio and Family.)

DVD Price
$20 - Includes Postage

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At present we have some video clips for download in real media format. Hit the link below, you will then be able to see them. Our DVD is of a much higher quality than this internet video.

*Hint, Don't use their auto configure options.
Installation will be slower, but privacy must
be a consideration. Set video sharpness to

Download Clips

a tenor for JESUS