The Rancor was a large meat eating monster that lived in the Rancor Pit
under Jabba the Hutt's throne in Return of the Jedi. It is 5 metres tall and
lives off the people that Jabba dumps into it. It has a purple tongue, and for
every tooth it loses it grows another two (Sounds like hydra's heads).
Until Recently, It was belived it was the only one of its kind. Their native
planet is Dathomir, where the Rancors grow up to 10 metres tall, Thus the one in the pit
was only juvenile. The rancor on Tatooine was found by a Jawa clan, who sold it to
Jabba the Hutt. Bib fortuna and Bidlo Kwerve gave it to Jabba as a Birthday Present.
It's newly-hired keeper, Malakili was overjoyed at the sight of his new pet. But when
he took the rancor out for a run, they got attacked by 2 sand people on banthas. The
rancor twisted the bantha's horns and snapped their spines. When they got back,
they found that Jabba wanted his rancor to fight a Krayt Dragon, a huge, rare
dragon which lived on Tatooine. Malakili knew that the Krayt Dragon would
win, so he arranged transport for his pet. He was going to steal Jabba's rancor.
Pity Luke Skywalker killed it 1 hour Before the Ship came.

Rancor fighting a dragon (cut and pasted for some wierd reason)

The Rancor Roaring

Yet another Rancor

A painting of the Rancor

That same old boring picture

The Toy Rancor From Micro Machines "Action Fleet"

The Rancor finishing his lunch

My Rancor skin for Shambler

My Rancor skin for Fiend
I got the story of Malakili and his pet from the book
Tales from Jabba's Palace. Copyright Bantam Spectra