(Well more unreal tournament hehe)

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For quite some time now quake had ruled the multiplayer world. It developed the biggest
ever cult following of a computer game, and the series was the best selling computer game
Competitors have been and gone, with Unreal and half-life both killing Quake2's single player,
but Unreal failed to show in the multiplayer department.
When id software said they would release a multiplayer-only quake, Epic games decided to release a rival
The rival was Unreal Tournament.

Quake 3 arena was said to kick the hell out of Unreal tournament. It was said to sell more.
And it did.
But after much bickering and fighting, the vast majority of the multiplayer world said UT was better.
And it is.
A lot better.

Anyway enough bullsh*t.

I play both these games and my name is EVIL FOETUS. I play UT on Netconnect's servers and occasionally on Mplayer. The screenshots below I took so don't nick 'em without permission

Matrix anyone??