Physical Attributes

Face huggers resemble large spider / crab things, with a long tail and two 'pockets' located behind their legs. Like their adult brethren, the face huggers have no eyes, and navigate and hunt using some higher form of sense- possibly a sonar based image mapper similar to dolphins. Face huggers are almost immune to the effects of space and pressure, making them very capable of living anywhere. They have been known to have some of the most potent acid blood in the alien race.


The face hugger's sole purpose is to find a host creature and infect it with an alien embryo. They launch themselves at the host, wrapping their legs around their victim's head, and constricting their neck with their tail and sending them into a coma. The two pockets behind their legs serve as lungs for their victim, pumping oxygen into their bodies to keep them alive. They insert a tube down the victim's throat, placing an egg or embryo deep inside their osaphaegus, just above the stomach. Once the survival of the embryo has been ensured, the face hugger will remove itself from the victim and die. The victim won't recall a thing- only have a huge appetite.


While their have been no known variants of Face huggers, their are a few different ways they will implant an embryo. If they are carrying a queen, the embryo will be placed further down inside the stomach, and often they will stay on the victim longer.