Many games based on the Alien and Predator creatures have been seen on many different platforms over the years. I have tried to put them chronological order from memory- so they are probably wrong. I have
not got them all here, but feel free to email info or whatever to help.

ALIEN (??,Atari, ??)

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Apparently there was an alien game for the Atari, which was very similar to pac-man, but i don't know much about it so someone please fill me in.

PREDATOR 2 (1991, pc, Mirrosoft LTD)

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This game popped up in 1993, and it was a type of game similar to Time Crisis or the like now. It was a side scrolling shooter, where the object of the game was to ultimately kill all predator on the ship. This game is rather pesky and does not like to have it's screenshot taken, so I am stuck for a little while.

ALIENS VS PREDATOR (1993, Snes, Nintendo)


When this side scrolling beat-em-up game came out it was not a great hit. The player took control of the Predator, who was hunting on the infested planet, VEGA 4. However it still managed to please the alien and predator fans, who were beginning to get quite a following.

ALIEN 3 (1993, Snes, Acclaim)


After the disappointing Aliens vs. Predator, people hungered for a better game, so they got ALIEN3. This was quite a popular game, as the player controlled Ripley in this platform game, where they burnt, annihilated, and generally destroyed eggs, face-huggers, and aliens of assorted sizes.

ALIENS VS. PREDATOR (??,Atari Jaguar,Rebellion)

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This game was the first of the 1st person alien and predator shooters. you could choose to be an alien, marine or predator and you shot, hacked or decapitated your way to the exit. As the alien, you could impregnate people and that would be where you returned when (if) you died. as the marine you simply shot stuff, and as the predator your game was based on an honour system, with more points being awared for ki'cti pa usage and so on. Apparently this was a great game but because the system was a flop, the game also suffered a terrible fate.

ALIEN TRILOGY (1996, pc, Playstation, Twentieth Century Fox)

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Finally the PC get a decent Alien game. This game was in 1st person perspective, as you led Ripley through gorgeously detailed levels similar to the movie, unfortunatly the aliens them selves were only sprites, however nicely done, and their AI (Artificial Intelligence) was very dull. they were slow and harmless. Nevertheless, it was a great game and Alien fans loved it.

ALIENS VS. PREDATOR (1998,pc, Twentieth Century fox and Rebellion)

Fox responed to the people's demands in Alien Trilogy, and combining with rebellion, still determined in their concept, released Aliens vs. Predator, the best Alien and Predator game yet. It was 1st person again,but the predator having no honour system and a few more weapons- and ultimately 4 different vision modes. The level designs were great and oozing with atmosphere, with more than just 'find the exit' objectives. Anyone even slightly interested in the series was delighted, and people who were worried about the AI problems like in alien Trilogy, were releaved. The aliens were damn fast, and deadly, marines were cunning and the predators were frustrating. You would see 3 red dots on a wall, and then you were dead- and they were damn hard to kill. Muliplayer also rocked, with players choosing between aliens, marines or predator. Gamespot awarded this game 9.5, and the following notes were given by HYPER(tm)(Australian gaming magazine)

CATEGORY: first Person Shooter
PLAYERS: 1-multi
PUBLISHER: Fox interactive
REQUIRED: P166 32MB RAM 3D Accelerator
DESIRED: P2 64MB RAM 3D Accelerator

PLUS: Plenty of single player and multi player atmosphere. Runs well on lower end machines.

MINUS: Walls slightly sticky; potential deathmatch problem

A first rate film-to-game port, that is highly recommended.